Monday, July 14, 2008

Note To Self: ONE Thing At A Time

Okay, this is getting really old.

I'm still tired, and I still have a Large, Annoying Headache.

However, there are a few things I can be glad about.

One, on Friday when I felt a rising panic because my head hurt So Bad, LovelyDaughter took one look at me and rose to the occasion to help me. It felt so good to be mothered I almost cried.

Two, last night I asked Hubby to pray for me, and when he did, the agitation and anxiety I'd felt for over a week finally lifted, and I slept like a baby.

Three,... um, ... my breakfast of chocolate milk and toast was very satisfying.

On the negative side, I've been fighting with WORRY WORRY WORRY. It's better, now that Hubby prayed for me, but still.

That reminds me--

I read a little something by Steve Chandler recently. He insisted that much of our worry comes from trying to do too much.

Most people don't create great things in their day. They are too busy doing too many things at once. Most of the people I coach start each day with too many things to do.

I started coaching Renata by asking her how her life was. And she said too many things to get done and not enough time. That's a formula, I said, for a very miserable, frustrating life. She asked why and I said it was because she was trying to live in the future.

Like a fly bouncing against the window pane trying to get into the house. Did you ever see the horror film "The Fly?" That's how most people live. Buzzing and pounding against the glass trying to get into their own future. They think it's a better place. Peace and quiet and open air. Wait for them, somewhere.

But now? Now is a mess. Now is chaos. Now is a million things to do as Renata fumbles with her cell phone in her car not noticing the light had changed. She blew her mind out in a car! All from having too much to do. And not enough time to do it.

But true mastery (not to mention happiness) comes from not having too much to do. It comes from only having one thing to do. Just this one thing.

I think MY worry comes from WORRYING TOO MUCH.

It's not even that I personally have that much to do. I just find myself worrying about what EVERYONE ELSE is supposed to do. *SIGH*

So, I think my job today is to find ONE thing to worry about DO today, and concentrate on that.


Lulu said...

Hi again! I'm back after another long break!

I really like that piece by Steve Chandler. I think that I need to post that on my bathroom mirror so that I can read it first thing every morning. One worry at a time...if only I could make that possible.

I hope that it can work for you!!

Ornery's Wife said...

Can you get away to come to Tulsa for a spa week? I'll pamper you silly and treat you to healthy food, leave you in peace on the front porch to rock and enjoy the lovely birds singing and provide you with the most comfortable bed on the planet to sleep in until you are done. No worries, no fears, just peace. Let me know if you are interested, and we'll talk!