Monday, July 7, 2008

Still Recovering

As you may remember, my Brother and his girls left Friday after an extended visit.

Once they were gone, we all discovered we were pretty tired, and we ended up doing nothing for the Fourth. That's right. NOTHING. About ten at night we said, Oh yeah, we could do something....

Saturday I was up bright and early to go shopping with JD's mother, "Jane", who came from out of state for a visit to meet all of us. She and I had a wonderful time shopping and talking. I really enjoyed it.

PLUS... I found my dress for the wedding, which is great cause for celebration. I'm really excited to have found it, and to have found it ON SALE.

In the evening, Jane came over for supper, which JD and LovelyDaughter made for us. It was very good; and for dessert we had an incredible, rich, dark CHOCOLATE CHEESECAKE, which Jane had made. After we had tasted it, we adopted her on the spot.

Which hopefully made up for the fact that she broke three vertebrae falling off of our cable swing. Oops. Not the best way to welcome the new in-laws into the family, huh?

Sunday was worship team Sunday, and after church we went to JD's grandparents for dinner, and they had the BEST steaks I've had in a long time. Even better than the one we had at Lazlo's with MandoNut last weekend.

But all good things come to an end. The headache that had been following me around since Friday caught up to me-- a large, looming, threatening, migraine-- and Hubby took me home early where I promptly passed out slept for over an hour, and then went to bed early.

Today, I have spent most of the day either sleeping or reading. I've got supper on the cook now, but afterwards, I think I go to bed early again.


carrie said...

wild and crazy I tell ya!!! Oh not to burst your bubble but have you journaled to check for triggers...*whispers* for some people dark chocolate is a migraine trigger

mom huebert said...

carrie-- thanks for the tip; although, I'm pretty sure chocolate (at least this time) was not the problem. There were other things going on--like hormones, stress, and lack of sleep-- that triggered this migraine.

carrie said...

My biggest trigger is lack of sleep. I can almost guarantee a migraine if I get less than 6 hours of sleep so I totally hear ya there!!!