Saturday, August 2, 2008

Melts in your mouth AND in your hand AND in your house AND...

It is SO hot here today. Temp reached 96F with about 90% humidity. Ugh.

It doesn't help AT ALL that today was the day our old, hard-working window air conditioner groaned dismally and breathed its last.

And then I pretty much did the same thing.

It also didn't help that today was the day I was trying to get a lot of baking done, preparatory to our leaving for Colorado on Monday. You know we can't live without our homemade bread (and cookies), even on a camping trip.

ESPECIALLY on a camping trip, where we're trying to save money while eating as healthy as possible on easy-prep foods.

I tried, really, to get as much baking done early this morning as I could, but I still ended up heating the house abominably with the baking.

LovelyDaughter and JD went swimming in the late afternoon-early evening, and I wish I had just dropped everything and gone along. Believe me, I didn't get much done beyond melting. But they inspired me to at least take a COLD shower, which definitely helped. My brain actually began functioning again-- and I hadn't even realized I was lacking.

Tomorrow we have a big day planned. There is a bridal shower in the afternoon for LovelyDaughter, for which we have to drive to BigCity, so she and I are going to go in the morning and attend church with some friends, and do a little shopping before the party.

Alas for the guys: they are on their own ALL DAY. However, they won't be totally bereft-- I'm leaving them a Pizza Hut coupon.

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carrie said...

Pizza Hut sounds yummy ;) I love my bread machine for baking doesn't heat up the house so much ;) AND it does all the work. I wish I was closer I would help you with your prep work ;)