Friday, August 29, 2008

Well, We Got The Knot Tied--Firmly, And With A Big Bow

Disclaimer: I am rather tired, and my eyes won't focus very well, and I can't seem to type or spell today, or even think very clearly. It's taken me forever to write this, and I don't think it's my best writing, but I want to share anyway, while it's still fresh, so bear with me.

Yesterday was the Big Day!

JD and LovelyDaughter were married at just about sunset in a park next to a small lake, surrounded by pine trees, and friends, and family.

It was all we could ask for. The weather was absolutely perfect. There were no bugs or mosquitoes, the sky was beautiful, the trees were pretty, the lake was full, the grass was green, and there was a nice, unassuming little breeze to offset the warmth of the sunshine.

JD's grandpa brought his little camping cabin/trailer that looks like a tiny log cabin on wheels, which we parked to use as a dressing room for the girls. When it was time for them to appear, they came out of the cabin and walked barefoot across the grass, down the "aisle" that was outlined with a string of white lights, until they reached the stage area, where the groom already was waiting. The boys and I played pretty music (and I got to use my new fancy five-string violin).

Then it was time for the bride. LovelyDaughter stepped down from the cabin's little porch with her dad's help and they walked, holding hands, toward the front. When they had gone about two-thirds of the way, Hubby dropped her hand and said, "Go." And LovelyDaughter picked up her skirts and ran the rest of the way to meet JD, which produced a burst of spontaneous applause and laughter from the audience. It was an action so typical of LovelyDaughter.

The boys left their instruments and stood in their role of groomsmen while JD and LovelyDaughter said their vows (which JD had written, and they were very heartfelt and real), and then exchanged rings. The pastor pronounced them man and wife, and then JD kissed his new wife, long and hard and enthusiastically, to the accompaniment of much laughter and applause.

Then the pastor led them in communion together, and then Hubby and two dear family friends, Swede, and RR, came forward to bless and pray for the new couple. RR is Jewish, and he gave a wonderful Jewish blessing, spoken in both Hebrew and English.

And then GuitarGeek turned everyone loose, and we had a picture-taking session with the lake and pines in the background, and anyone with a camera could take photos, which added a real audience-participation, party atmosphere.

When the food was ready we all went over to the picnic shelter to watch JD and LovelyDaughter cut the first piece of cake (which, by the way, was a beautiful four-tier chocolate-chocolate cake decorated with pink silk roses). I had strictly cautioned them not to have too much fun with the cake, because, how do you get chocolate out of white satin? (I had good reason to be concerned, because JD and LovelyDaughter love to have food fights.)

JD showed remarkable restraint, and managed to hang around and greet people for a whole hour after the ceremony, and then he announced to everyone that he was stealing away his bride and taking off. With that, he swept LovelyDaughter off her feet and ran to his waiting car.

And then-- he caught his foot in LovelyDaughter's dress and they both crashed down on to the gravel. If it had been me, I would have been crushingly humiliated. JD and Lovelydaughter just laughed and kept going. They picked themselves up, and tried it again-- but this time JD just walked, fast!

And then-- JD came running back, announcing that we had a serious situation on our hands. His car was trapped between two cars and he couldn't get out, and he was frantic to find someone to move those cars.

Yes, it was a "problem." Two cars had somehow been parked within an inch or two of JD's bumpers. Hm. I wonder how that happened....

Swede, MandoNut, and WTal confessed later that they couldn't resist the prank after hearing JD brag earlier about how he had parked his car for a "quick getaway"!

Anyway, I felt the delay was providential, because it had been a bit of a hard moment for me to have JD sweep LovelyDaughter away without me having a chance to say good-bye, and this way I had a few moments to make sure she was okay after the fall, and say "Good-bye, I love you" one last time.

Today, we are very tired, both physically and emotionally. I feel as if I've had a shock. A good shock, if that's possible. It seems like any kind of major change is a jolt, of sorts, and our bodies and emotions have to regroup.

Hubby says with every good new thing gained, there is a loss. We have lost our little girl who lives with us; but we've gained a married daughter and a new son. We have come to the end of these days; but we have new ones coming. As long as I look forward, I'm happy, excited, optimistic. When I look back, I grieve.

Tomorrow I will clean up and put things away, and tie up loose ends, and make new plans, and look with optimism to the future and all the good, new, bright things it holds.

But today is my day --just one more time-- to look back, to remember, to grieve for what is gone.

And then-- forward and onward.

Congratulations, JD and Lovelydaughter. I will love you both as long as I live.


HomeandHearth said...

Beautiful post! It sounds like the ceremony was just lovely :D

Sarah said...

It was truly a lovely wedding and I'm so happy for my little cousin! Haha! I hope they have the time of their lives this next month in a different country, living as newlyweds! Oh how exciting!!

carrie said...

awww brings tears to my eyes...I'm so happy for all of you...