Monday, August 25, 2008

So I Had All These Great Things I Wanted To Write About...

...But I feel horrible today. I ACHE ACHE ACHE all over, and I'm so tired I cannot hardly see straight. Really. The eyes do not focus well when everything hurts.

And that's on top of feeling absolutely rotten yesterday as well.

I need a good night's sleep very badly. But over the last week I've been suffering from night time achiness-- which now has expanded to ALL DAY achiness-- that makes my legs and arms extremely restless, and sleep is not easy. And when I do sleep I wake up tired.

How will I do this? The wedding is in THREE days.

I'm not worried about the wedding. But I AM worried if I feel this bad. How will I ever do the last minute stuff, and enjoy the wedding?

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carrie said...

Oh I hear ya...there must be something in the hubby even stayed home and in bed from work...*hugs*