Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Menu Plan Monday (on Tuesday...)

I love the idea of posting menus weekly, but Mondays are a crazy day to post, for me.

Nevertheless, here are my menus for this week. You may notice they bear a startling resemblance to last week's menus. That's because, when I was struggling with coming up with a new set of meals to cook for hot weather Hubby said, "You made menus last week, right? What's wrong with doing the same thing again?."

So, with a few minimal changes, here we go again:


Dinner-- Beef-Broccoli-Noodle Stir-fry; peaches, strawberries and bananas; italian bread
Supper-- Party Beef Sandwich, Veggie Slaw

Dinner-- Sunburst Potatoes, Vegetables, and Cheese; ham; sliced peaches
Supper-- BLT's; corn on the cob; strawberry yogurt

Dinner-- Cheesy Ham Frittata; Tossed Salad
Supper-- Sloppy Joes, Kidney Bean-Macaroni Salad, Mud-from-the-Crik

Dinner-- Mom's Macaroni & Cheese, sauteed brocooli w/onions
Supper-- Grilled Ginger Pork, cheesy cauliflower

Dinner-- leftovers
Supper-- Salsa Peach Chicken, rice, Russian Veggies

Dinner-- taco salad, fresh fruit
Supper-- spaghetti, salad

Dinner-- hamburgers, chips, baked beans, fruit salad
Supper-- sandwiches, grilled vegetable kabobs, ice cream

If this heat wave breaks, I want to have pizza one day. Pizza day kills two birds, as they say, because I make up a huge batch of bread dough and use it for pizza and for bread, so I get a meal and a batch of bread at the same time. However, in this hot weather I hate to heat up the house like that.

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