Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thirteen Favorite Homeschool Resources

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Since I'm at the tail end of my homeschooling years, I'd like to list here my 13 most favorite resources I used over the years.

1. Miquon Math-- wonderful right-brain approach to math. After my daughter got bogged down half way through her algebra, I put her through this program, even though ostensibly it's for first, second and third grades, and it helped her immensely. (I learned a lot, too!)

2. Rod and Staff readers-- great re-telling of the entire bible for K-5 grade.

3. Animal Exercise Fun-- fun exercises for young children. You pretend to be animals, and stretch down to drink like a giraffe, or gallop around like a monkey. (I can't find a source to actually buy this book, but a link to the website is here.)

4. Ruth Beechick materials--a set of three guides to reading, writing and arithmetic and also a book called "You Can Teach Your Child Successfully."

5. Hundred Chart-- wow, I wish I had had this when I was young. It helped me see the relationship between numbers.

6. Sonlight materials, especially the history.

7. Grammar Songs-- well, I loved it, but the boys thought it was corny, singing "I'm a verb, verb, verb, I'm an action word."

8. Home School Family Fitness-- another great phys ed book, this time for older children. We had great fun with some of the games in this book.

9. Preschool A-B-C series from Rod & Staff-- absolutely wonderful set of workbooks with learning activities for preschoolers.

10. Bob Books-- we loved using these for reading practice.

11. Considering God's Creation-- kids enjoyed making their science notebooks. We still have them!

12. Moody Science series-- we have watched these multiple times.

13. The McGuffey Readersand Ray's Primary Arithmetic-- We actually used the first, I think, three readers in the McGuffey Readers, and the Parent/Teacher guide that Ruth Beechick wrote is wonderful. Also, the very first in the Ray's Arithmetic series was really useful. The others were not so much for us.

Well, now I feel very nostalgic. Those were the good old days. *sigh* Three of my homeschool students are graduated, and one is still home. Ah well, to quote Grandmum from 3-2-1 Penguins: "Good memories, all that matters."
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Anonymous said...

Wow thanks for putting my book on your list. Animal Exercise Fun is finally available for sale at the website you linked to.

thanks, mike