Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thirteen Things I Like About My Husband

Thirteen Things about momhuebert

Here's my list of things I like about Hubby. quick, first things I thought of with no proper punctuation or grammar. Better writing style next time...

1. He's tall. At 6 feet, 1 inch, he's almost a foot taller than I am!
2. his beard and moustache-- he has a huggable beard, and it's much softer than the sandpaper he has when he shaves.
3. his feet. strong feet.
4. his tender heart.
5. the way he loves me.
6. the way he loves our daughter (and our sons too, but my heart is especially warmed by the father-daughter thing.)
7. his creative abilities: like, he designed and built our log-splitter, he makes useful things on the turning lathe.
8. when he's gentle and understanding.
9. his smile.
10. his commitment to God.
11. when he listens to me talk, and talk.
12. the way he rubs my back and neck and feet when I'm tired.
13. how good he is at trimming and felling trees.

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Jennifer said...

You know, this is something that all of us should to do for/about our spouses more often. Make us realize exactly what we have in our partners.

GREAT Thursday Thirteen!
Mine is here:

FRIGGA said...

He sounds like a wonderful husband and father.
Happy TT13!

Nancy J. Bond said...

Sounds like a keeper to me! Great list.

Indiana Amy said...

What a sweet 13!

Anonymous said...

great list!

Damozel said...

He sounds like a great guy, but don't they all? I'm still waiting for someone's "13 things that drive me crazy about my husband" post. Of course, I can't write it myself because my husband (a) is PERFECT; and (b) is a Thirteener too. (Hi, Nick!)

mom huebert said...

To Jennifer-- yes, I should do it more often myself, just to keep reminding myself what a good guy I've got!

To frigga and Nancy J. Bond and Indiana Amy and so lost-- Thanks!

To damozel-- He is a great guy. I'm glad I reminded myself, because actually, I really wanted to write that "13 things that drive me crazy list" but I decided to do this one instead. I thought it would be more helpful... *smile*

Marti said...

I think it was watching Martin love his wife almost every day for seven straight weeks that finally caused the concept that a man can truly, genuinely love his wife to penetrate the concrete-hard post-abuse cynicism that I'd built up.

One of my best memories is of watching Dad Huebert dive into some fried potatoes and bread and jelly just like another German father I used to know--it was almost like having Milt at the table again. I was relieved that I didn't totally break down crying. Both of them knew that, no matter how bewildering life got, Jesus had made sure simply through the sacrifice at the cross that it was all going to come out okay. When we're all on the other side, I'll pull him off of whatever horse he's riding and introduce them--after I hear my Dad tell me, "Good job getting home!"

mom huebert said...

Thanks, Marti, I'm honored.

Samara Leigh said...

It was great to read this list. It is so easy to enumerate the things about our spouses that drives us crazy. Listing the things that make them special highlights their value and will hopefully help bring out more of those great things.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I look forward to getting to know you a little better each Thursday. :-)

Marti said...

On the father/daughter subject again, I got to hear this song tonight. I don't have the album, but part of it's now available online. Devon is an only daughter also, and is still close to her dad at near-launching age. It reminds me of these other father/daughter friendships.

The Treasure in You
(Mike Roe)

Devil and the deep blue sea ran dry
The first time I saw your face I thought I'd die
I found a treasure deep in you
And loving you forever is all I want to do

I never want to lose it
I never want to lose it
I never want to lose it
I never want to lose
The treasure in you

From a womb of love I saw you fly
Straight into my arms, we both broke down and cried
Two lives, two faces intertwined
Something so down to earth and so divine
Is mine
And I...

I never want to lose it
I never want to lose it
I never want to lose it
I never want to lose
The treasure in you

And though one day, baby, I'll have to set you free
I'll still have all the love you left deep inside of me
And I...
I never want...
I never want to lose...

I could search forever, never find
Treasure to compare with what's
Already mine
And I...

I never want to lose it
I never want to lose it
I never want to lose it
I never want...
I never want to lose...