Thursday, August 9, 2007

Thirteen Things about momhuebert

Thirteen books that I have read more than once, in no particular order, except as I happen to think of them.

1. The Christian's Secret of a Happy Life, by Hannah Whitall Smith. I learned that happiness in the christian life comes from just believing what God says; and He's said some incredible things.

2. Surprised by the Power of God, by Jack Deere. God is still doing wonderful things today, and still communicating with us.

3. Anointed For Burial, by Todd Burke. Wooo-eee! God did some amazing stuff in the revival in Cambodia in the 70s.

4. The Pushcart War, by Jean Merrill. I love the humor, and the voices of the characters.

5. The Moving Finger, by Agatha Christie. There's a love story hidden in the murder mystery, and now that I know whodunnit, I enjoy the book for the love story.

6. Miss Marple, The Complete Stories, by Agatha Christie. I enjoy Miss Marple's logic, and Miss Marple herself.

7. Anne of Green Gables series, by Lucy Maud Montgomery. One thing I like about these books is watching Anne grow up and change, and then seeing her as a wife and mother. I especially enjoy the story at the end of the book "Anne of Ingleside" where Ann is afraid Gilbert has stopped loving her-- sort of a marriage mid-life crisis. Of course it all turns out well.

8. Chronicles of Narnia, by C.S. Lewis. I think these are the only fantasy stories I like. I'm not much into mythological creatures and strange new worlds. But Lewis's writing style and story telling are very readable and interesting. I love to re-read these, just to go back and visit the places and characters.

9. Mere Christianity, by C.S. Lewis. The first time I read this, I read it for the content; and the content is wonderful. Every time after that I find myself reading it for his clear, understandable style. If I could write that well, I'd consider myself to have arrived as a writer.

10. All of the James Herriot books. I know nothing about veterinary stuff-- well, now I know some, from reading the books-- but I love Herriot's narrating and the stories he tells.

11. The Fields of Home, by Ralph Moody. This is just one of a whole autobiographical series, but I think this one is my favorite. Teenaged Ralph has to spend a year living with his grandfather, and they are both hard-headed and stubborn as mules. Reading the story of how they learn to live with each other and how they both change leaves you with a wry grin and shaking your head in near disbelief. Truth is sometimes as good as fiction!

12. The Toothpaste Millionare, by Jean Merrill. I wish life were this easy. I like to read the story of the twelve-year-old who becomes a toothpaste tycoon and pretend it really could happen.

13. The Long Winter, by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Of course, I have read the entire Little House series umpteen times over the last thirty years, but this one has become my favorite, I think. I'm amazed by the incident where Pa negotiates with the opportunistic store owner and the starving townspeople about the sale of wheat. Wish I had that kind of wisdom and diplomacy.

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Joyismygoal said...

I have read several of those too

The Rock Chick said...

Oh, I'm an Agatha Christie fan, too!!! My grandmother used to devour her books and then she would save them for me.

I haven't read any of the other books on your list, though! I really should!

Happy TT
Jessica The Rock Chick

Robin said...

I loved the Narnia Chronicles growing up and often find myself re-reading them as an adult. I loved the Ann of Green Gables series too, I really should go back and re-read those as well.

Happy TT.

sheryl said...

Great list...thanks for letting me know about this post, I really enjoyed reading it.
The Long Winter is one of my favorite LH books too! I was so amazed at their resourcefulness...braiding the straw to burn, for example. And Ma's calm spirit and contentment no matter where they moved or the hard times they faced always amazed me.