Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'm Unhappy, But Happy Today

Things that made me unhappy this week:

1. Supper has been very late every day, and of course it's my fault. It just seems to set the days off-kilter.

2. We've stayed up too late every night this week, for no real good reason, except we didn't go to bed. Probably because supper was so late. And that makes us tired every day.

3. Hubby is feeling bad this week. His heart arrhythmia is acting up, and so is his depression.

4. MB3 yelled at Hubby when they were riding motorcycle together because Hubby accidentally rode through a mud puddle in front of MB3 and splashed him heavily, and Hubby gets hurt when the boys treat him like that.

5. DrummerDude got very angry at Hubby for calling him down for something. I guess he thought he was being treated like a child, which has become a bit of hot button lately. Sigh.

Things that made me happy this week:

1. I tried a new shampoo and it made my hair feel light and silky and very nice. And I got to look forward all night to trying it in the morning. Maybe that's what I need to make getting out of bed worthwhile, every day-- new soap, or shampoo, or toothpaste, or ....?

2. We bought a new stash of Dove chocolate.

3. DrummerDude bought me chocolate donuts for my anniversary gift.

4. We had a great family time around the supper table on our anniversary, with GuitarGeek in full swing. I love it when we all laugh together like that.

5. I had the happy thought that GuitarGeek is not a girl. Someday, when the time comes, I will not have to help with/keep my hands off of his wedding. All I'll have to do is wear a nice dress and look pretty, which Hubby says I'll do easily and well. *smile*

6. I learned about a great brand of pasta I'd never heard of, and then, the next time I'm shopping, there it is-- never seen it before-- and it's ON SALE. That really chirked me up, and I can hardly wait to try it.

7. LovelyDaughter and I had a lot of fun taking way too much time at the grocery store finding things for DrummerDude to pack on his camping trip.

8. The three boys are doing something together this weekend. All Three of them! Together!

9. I got a bill and a payment in the mail on the same day. The bill is for $644 and the payment is $650. Yes! I believe the coincidence of the two things coming on the same day is God showing me He's still taking care of us, in spite of what it's been looking like lately.

10. LovelyDaughter went with me to do the grocery shopping, and now we can actually cook again. We've had an awful lot of "emergency" meals lately.

11. We splurged and bought a recipe magazine with wonderful pictures and recipes. I'm beginning to feel inspired again.

12. We had a great time with friends this weekend.

13. We saw GuitarGeek succeed in a project that was dear to him, and that's a good thing for everyone.

I guess five to thirteen in favor of "happy," is a good score. It doesn't un-do the things I don't like, but it helps.


Anonymous said...

So what is this brand of pasta? The last stuff I bought had so much starch after cooking it was terrible.

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carrie said...


I hear ya ~ my dh and kids get on each other and neither side enjoys it...

Marti said...

3. He will have my empathetic prayers.

mom huebert said...

The pasta brand is "Barilla." I learned about it here.