Friday, October 5, 2007


Sample of conversation at our house:

MB3 (reading LovelyDaughter's t-shirt): Huh. "Leave Your Mark." Who's Mark?

Me (laughing): Mark got left behind.

MB3: Like, "Fire at will!"

Me: Poor Will!

LovelyDaughter: Duck, Will, duck!

(It was funny at the time.)

I wish, Wish, WISH, I had taken notes last night at supper. One of these days I will, and submit for your dining pleasure a round of GuitarGeek's commentary. Just swallow your mouthful first, so you don't choke.


carrie said...

*giggle* Sounds like dinner at our house...I'm still laughing about my animal activist 9 year old who volunteers at the local shelter 2 times a week ~ Daddy was talking about how he loves dogs, they're delicious and she pipes up with...must have been a chocolate lab! Yeah...Please do take commentary...I'm waiting!!!

mom huebert said...

carrie-- Daddy must be a little like my FIL who has a favorite joke: "So many cats, so few recipes!"

And it sounds like your daughter has a quick wit!

carrie said...

Oh yes he is VERY much like that...he wants this teeshirt it says "PETA ~ People Eating Tasty Animals.." yeah...*sigh* LOL!