Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A man shall leave his father and mother and cling to his wife-- and don't forget the cake!

Last week Hubby and I celebrated our 26th anniversary. One of the things we did was dig in the freezer for the piece of wedding cake we saved from our wedding. Yessirree. We had a 26-year-old piece of wedding cake in our freezer.

Why? Well, the year we got married was the year of Hubby's folks' 25th anniversary, and they shared with us a piece of their 25 year old cake. It was actually pretty good, considering. So, with that in mind, we figured we'd better save some cake. We should have gotten it out last fall for our 25th, but we had forgotten about it. The only reason we remembered this year, is we happened to clean out the freezer. I think the cake was the oldest thing in there....

Anyway, here's what it looked like:

I'm afraid too many years, and too many power outages, have taken their toll. DrummerDude looked at, and smelled it, and said to me, "Well, mom, I'm glad you guys are doing better than the cake."

Since it was obvious there would be no nostalgic cake for supper, LovelyDaughter took it upon herself to make a replica:

And, as has been said somewhere before, it was very good.


Lulu said...

Whoa! 26 year old cake?! I can't imagine anything lasting that long...even in a freezer! I'm quite impressed that you've hung on to it for that long!

And how very sweet of your daughter to make a replica!!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

The replica is LOVELY.

Linda said...

Very sweet ... no pun intended!

Just Seeking said...

Here's hoping that the 26 year old cake was the oldest thing in your freezer!
Congrats on many years of marriage and to wonderful children!