Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thirteen Favorite Things-- TT #8

Thirteen Things about mom huebert

Once more, I want to help myself see the world in a more positive light. So, with a little hard thinking, here is another list of things that I like.

1. Dove dark chocolate (technically, this is a repeat from another list, but I still like it!)

2. sitting by a campfire

3. sitting by our wood stove in winter (with the fire shining through the glass windows.)

4. listening to our kids tell jokes at the table

5. reading a good book on a rainy day

6. eating breakfast outside on a beautiful morning (which doesn't happen often. We have too many cats and too many mosquitoes.)

7. a really good worship service, with music, and people praying for each other

8. going shopping with LovelyDaughter to look at jewelry and clothes

9. holding a sleeping baby

10. a baby's laughter

11. shiny, silky hair

12. the smell of suntan lotion

13. giving my boys haircuts

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Anonymous said...

Nice List, I always loved the song from Sound of Music-These are a few of my favorite things.
Now I'm thinking what mine would be-Definitely Running out in the Rain on a summer night
Thanks, Maribeth

WorksForMom said...

This is such a good list. It's the simple things, isn't it? I so get that.

Sniz said...

Ok, are you reading my mind? These are my favorite things too, only I don't have a glass cover in front of our fireplace. Still, watching fires in our fireplace got me through last winter.

Nicholas said...

I love #5 too. And re #1, it has been found tha dark chocolate is actually good for you!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I like all these things except #13. My little guys HATE haircuts and so I hate giving them.

Christine said...

I love dark chocolate too AND the smell of really good suntan lotion. Great list; thanks for stopping by!

Lulu said...

All of these sound so nice! The smell of suntan lotion makes me swoon for summer!

Sonya said...

Love all of these things!