Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What DO you drink...?!

Okay. In my last post I mentioned that I'm not a drinker, and I listed several very common drinks that I just happen NOT to drink. Today I thought I'd make a list of what I DO drink, in response to some shocked questions by readers (you know who you are...! And thanks for asking!)

1. Water: We have really good, cold water here in Nebraska, and ours comes directly from our well.

2. Tea (version #1): Sometimes called "iced tea," except we don't put ice in it, because we're too lazy to make ice cubes in our ancient refrigerator. A friend of ours insists we should bottle and sell our "Huebert Tea," even though we don't think it's particularly special. (wait a minute- yes we do. We think we have the best tea around!) Here's how we make it: Put some water in a small saucepan. When it comes to a boil, put a regular tea bag in it, cover, and let steep for a couple of hours or so. Pour it in a gallon of very cold water with a shy half cup of sugar and stir well. This is our "staple" drink for every meal.

These two comprise most of my drinking. But I also resort to the following on occasion:

3. Milk: The in-laws raise milk goats, so we use goat milk.

4. Juice: Cranberry, apple, orange, lemonade; as long as it's real juice and not artificial.

5. Tea (version #2): Also known as "hot tea." Sometimes black tea, sometimes chamomile tea.

6. Chocolate Milk/Hot Chocolate: Made with homemade chocolate syrup. Mmmmm!

7. Water with Lemon: This is what I usually order when I'm eating out. (The lemon makes the chlorinated city water more palatable.)

8. Lime Fizzler: Ginger Ale with fresh lime squeezed in it.

9. Gatorade: Usually in summer when we're working. My favorite flavor is "Riptide Rush."

10. And-- once in a while, a little bit of Coke or Pepsi, especially if I've made pizza for the meal. For some reason, Pepsi goes really well with pizza.

Why don't I drink coffee? Well, it's not for lack of trying. Coffee is the American "grown-up" drink (aside from beer). Everywhere you go that adults are gathered, coffee is being served, so I have tried to join the ranks, but I just can't get it down. Hubby will sometimes drink a small cup, and I will drink a couple of sips of it, but it's just too bitter for me.

Why don't I drink more pop/soda/carbonated beverages? They're just too sweet and syrupy, at least for my taste. Although, as I said, sometimes I do like to have some. And I don't drink diet kinds because artificial sweetener tastes bad and makes me ill. (Boy, I'm picky, aren't I?)

And why don't I drink alcoholic beverages? Umm, I think I'm afraid.... Besides, it smells terrible.

Sometimes I wish I could just be "grown up" and swig coffee and wine with the best of them. How do YOU manage to drink coffee? Do you have a favorite that is really good, that maybe I could try?


slouching mom said...

I adore coffee. But only with plenty of milk and sugar.

That's my secret. Made like that, it's more like dessert.


Nina said...

I was wondering that myself, after reading of everything you didn't drink! :)
I drink coffee in the morning, with lots of cream and sugar. I have to have it. But I can't tolerate the taste of black coffee.
Thanks for the encouraging comment on my post about my daughter and Math. It's a real boost when a veteran says you're doing something right.

Lulu said...

I drink coffee, I have to add a ton of milk or creamer and sugar. I don't drink it that much though...generally just a trip to Starbucks does the trick for a few days.

My favorite drink is seltzer water with a twist of lime. For some, you have to develop a taste for seltzer water, but I LOVE it!

And as for tea, ONLY 1/2 cup of sugar! You don't know what real "sweet" tea is until you visit the South. I generally add about a cup of sugar to a gallon of tea!

mom huebert said...

slouching mom-- dessert, hm? I guess I do like coffee in my chocolate. I might have an idea to make coffee tasty!

nina-- you're welcome.

lulu-- I've never tried seltzer; now I'd like to. And sweet tea? Yes, we have friends who are originally from Texas and they like to serve us tea. Woowee!

carrie said...

Coffee is ICKY that being said I know there's some yummmmy flavored coffees...including German Chocolate Cake ;) Just something for you to look for ;)

I love lime fizzies...soooo yummy!!!

Sweet tea from south of the mason-dixon line is more sweet than any coke you could find ;)