Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #6: Thirteen Things That Annoy Me

Thirteen Things about MomHuebert

I had a different list ready to go, but LovelyDaughter and I were having a talk the other day and started commiserating and laughing about things that annoy us. And suddenly I thought, What a great rant list! So here you go:

Thirteen Things That Annoy Me

1) "Pour" instead of "pore." As in, "He's pouring over his books." He's what? What's he pouring? I get a picture of someone dumping a pitcher of syrup all over a pile of open books. The word is PORING, when it has to do with studying.

2) "Loose" instead of "lose." As in, "Be careful not to loose your keys." What? Be careful to keep the keys tight? Oh-- you mean don't "LOSE" your keys. Yeah, I want to be able to find them.

3) "Prophecy" instead of "prophesy." Prophe-CY is a noun. The prophet gave a prophecy. Prophe-SY is a verb. It's what you do when you give a prophecy.

[I guess I could have put these first three under one heading of "misspellings," or "misuse of words," but these are the ones the annoy me the most. Besides, one of my favorite t-shirt slogans I've seen is "Bad Spellers of the World-- UNTIE!"]

4) When people pull out in front of me, and slow down. There's no one behind me for miles, but the car coming off the interstate quickly pulls out in front of me, and then slowly drives across the overpass--in front of me-- and turns off at the gas station, while I'm fuming with impatience at having to hit the brakes and wait for them to turn.

5) Someone reading over my shoulder while I write. Don't look! It's not presentable yet!

6) Someone reading over my shoulder when I'm reading. Makes me nervous for some reason. Plus, if that someone reads more slowly than I do, I can't turn the page till THEY'RE done. Who's reading this, anyway?

7) When I say something to someone I THOUGHT was listening to me, and get no response. Talk to me!

9) Too many cats. What do you all want? I just fed you! Get out from under my feet!

10) Gratuitous bad language. An occasional strong word in a frustrating situation I understand. But a stupid bad word in every stupid sentence is just stupidly stupid.

11) The way sex is used to sell EVERYTHING. Does everyone have a one track mind?

12) The way someone will ask me about my life, and then proceed to interrupt me two sentences in and spend two hundred sentences telling me about THEIR life.

13) Fw: Fw: Fw: emails that shout at you with guilt-producing messages and then insist that you spread the annoyance by forwarding them to everyone you know. Yup--I forward them all right: To the trash! MUAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!!!!!

Okay, that's my rant for the day. How 'bout you? What makes you annoyed?

Oops-- Sniz says I forgot number 8. I guess I just missed it. Here it is:

8) When someone (usually a certain someone) insists on turning an ordinary conversation into a debate/argument by contradicting EVERYTHING I say. Stop already!

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Bloggers said...

great post.

my 13 is up on
Working at Home Mom

yh said...

I hear ya..erm.. you :) I see kids today swearing every other word and I just wonder who raised them?!?!?! Were they raised on a boat loaded with sailors? And most of the time, they don't speak correctly anyway, which makes them sound even more stupid!

jenn said...

Love the list.
happy tt!

Sniz said...

You and me both, Baby! You skipped #8. But all the first ones? I could go on and on about how using the wrong spelling and wrong words DRIVES ME CRAZY, weather you agree with me or don't about the whether.

Joyismygoal said...

4, 5, 11, 13, and the mis use of any word bugs me too but in my case it is usually pour typing:>

mom huebert said...

Oops-- Sniz says I forgot number 8. I guess I just missed it. But here's something that's annoying me right at this minute: When someone (usually a certain someone) insists on turning an ordinary conversation into a debate/argument by contradicting EVERYTHING I say. Stop already!

Kendra said...

oh, i hate #12 as well... it's sooo rude! happy TT!

Marsha said...

Great list. The thing that annoys me the most is...people who use their charity work, or church doings as an excuse for bad behavior. I am above man's laws, above all you heathens, I am spiritually divine and therefore don't have to be polite, considerate, or humane.

slouching mom said...

Your number two drives me NUTS.

The Rock Chick said...

Great post! I so agree with the reading over my shoulder. I can't stand that!!!

Too many things annoy me, that's why my life is RANTastic :)

Jessica The Rock Chick

karen said...

i totally agree with all of these!!!! and about a million more!

My Ice Cream Diary said...

I can't stand it when my daughter reads over my shoulder as I type my blog posts. I don't mind once it has been polished, cleaned up, and had any bad ranting removed.

Elisa said...

My current linguistic annoyance is "must of" or "could of." It's a contraction with "have" people! Great list. Happy TT!

Lulu said...

#13--one of my biggest pet peeves!!! Drives me insane! Why do some people feel that it's necessary to forward every stinkin' e-mail that they get?'ve got me riled up now.

Mrs. Who said...

Oh, my gosh!! I thought I was the only one who gets so annoyed about the "pour" and "pore" issue. It is so common and it makes me so crazy!!

Qtpies7 said...

Oh I have a big, huge annoyance! I absolutely hate it when people come to my back door. Why? I have a front door. It works. It is even gorgeously landscaped for your enjoyment. But people will pull up in front of my house and walk all the way to the backyard and knock at the back door. I don't get it. So, to be mean, I put a note on my back door to please use the front door, lol. Not that I can't answer the back door, but because I get so mad, they should have to walk all the way back around.
On the other hand, my father in law saw the note and sat in my garage until I got home because he didn't want to walk around to the front. (he is pretty frail) We had to explain it was not for family, it is for the delivery people who come to the back.

Oh, and the "voluntary taxes" could get me off on a tangent, but I decided to leave it at that, since it was a paid post!

Nicholas said...

Great list. What about insure/ensure, imply/infer, effect/affect ?

mom huebert said...

yh-- exactly!

marsha-- yeah, that is just so wrong.

my ice cream diary-- you too?!

elisa and nicholas-- oh yeah! forgot about those!

rock chick-- I'd love to see your list!

lulu-- I'm laughing... I think we're riled up together!

qtpies-- yes! yes! that's so annoying!

everybody else-- thanks for your comments!

Marti said...

Many things happen in life over which we have no control, including the evolution of language. "Err" now has a pronounciation key entry in the dictionary that allows it to be pronounced either like Ur of the Chaldees or "air". All of my comments about "air" not being a verb did nothing to stop it. This is probably applicable to a number of the objectionable things in life; in some particulars, it's more effective to move our inner furniture to adjust than to wait for the world to become more comfortable.